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Jeanette Sauer and Ed Pennington are a realtor team for Russ Lyon Sotheby's in Sedona, AZ. They helped us with both buying and selling, and we can't praise them enough - they are simply the best! Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, efficient and dependable, but they are also wonderful, caring people who "go to bat" for their clients. It has been a pleasure to work with them. Lindsey is their smart and dependable executive assistant who gives them the support they need to be a truly great team! Our deep thanks to all of you.
05/30/2018 - robpatth

If you want an agent who treats you as if you are their only client, go to Ed. If you want an agent who will guide you through your most important and largest personal financial transaction, go to Ed. And if you want enjoy doing this go to Ed and Jeanette! You will be in good hands with Ed, a total professional who knows the Sedona market inside and out, along with Jeanette who handles every minute detail of your closing. From selection to negotiation Ed's expertise was invaluable. Their fabulous team was there for us taking care of all of the details to insure a smooth and successful experience. I have sold real estate, working with many in the business. This team is the cream of the crop. Team Pennington--consummate professionals who have the gift of treating each of their clients as #1—making Team Pennington #1.
03/26/2018 - fcmack

There was an offer on the house on the first day - as a consequence of the wide local network of Ed and Jeanette. The team was effective in finding constructive and lasting solutions to various issues raised by the purchaser. The sale closed one day early. I received emails sent as early as 5:45am and as late as 9:00pm. Their success is a consequence of skill and exceptionally hard work.
03/03/2018 - rvanwinkle12

Ed and Jeanette combined smart and insightful professionalism with sensitive and enthusiastic warmth. They and their team responded promptly to our requests for communication and information and were willing to go the extra mile, happily, to make sure we got what we needed. We came to trust their confidence and integrity quickly as they demonstrated their knowledge, experience and, frankly, wisdom, in what turned out to be a challenging situation. Because of them, all turned out well and we couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you!
01/31/2018 - zuser20140605142343413

My wife and I needed to help my mother sell a condo in Sedona and we were also in the market to buy a condo in Sedona. A friend of my mother's recommended Ed Pennington and his team (Jeanette Sauer & Lindsey Hanneman) at Russ Lyon Sotheby's in Sedona, AZ.
I expected it to be a difficult process because the property we were selling was a fairly expensive one (with lots of competition) and we would be conducting both transactions from our home in Maine.
I just can't say enough about the caliber of results Ed and his team delivered. My mother's condo was sold before it was listed. Ed found a condo that met my wife's criteria within a week and we made a successful bid.
Most impressive was how hard Ed, Jeanette and Lindsey worked to make sure each transaction closed as planned. Selecting inspectors, scheduling inspections, reviewing inspection reports, scheduling repairs where needed, reviewing the quality of repair work completed, reveiwing results with both parties, etc.. Making sure any side agreements between buyers and sellers (like furniture) were on track and thus did not become a sticking point.
Ed's team basically handled a ton of detail, completely unprompted and unguided by me, to make sure no issues derailed the closing. Again, all the while, I was going about my business back in Maine!
Thank-you Ed, Jeanette and Lindsey!
Miles & Laurel 01/19/2018 - milesjrussell

After researching the real estate agent community in Sedona, it became apparent to us that one of the highest producing agent teams (most listings, most sales, highest ratings) was the Pennington/Sauer team at Russ Lyons Sotheby. We conducted an interview and were impressed by Ed's knowledge of the market and his calm, positive and professional demeanor. (We had previously seen him present one of his listings to us prior to selecting him, so we saw how he represented his sellers.) Our interest was in having buyer representation, and after outlining our criteria (preferred price range, locations, views, privacy, workmanship, layout, etc), we worked closely with him to identify our dream home. Ultimately because of his reputation in the community, he was able to guide us to a wonderful property which he had received as a listing, and our confidence in his integrity wa such we did dual agency and he represented both the seller and us as buyers. We had a wonderful experience, easy and smooth negotiation, and both the sellers and us as buyers commented on what a positive experience it was for all concerned. We have purchased many high end homes in many markets (including Sedona previously) and are very experienced, sophisticated buyers (and sellers.) Ed, Jeanette and Lindsey provided a low stress and superb experience. We know the Sedona market very well (having lived there previously for a decade and in Arizona for over 20 years.) Ed and team found us a fabulous home at a very competitive price. We highly recommend the Pennington/Sauer team for both buyers and sellers!
01/10/2018 - steve_diana_tahoe

Ed and Jeanette immediately "got it" when they saw our unique custom built home. They knew of a couple who had been looking at listings for several months, and our home seemed to Ed and Jeanette like the perfect fit for this couple. They were right. Our house never went on the open market. We sold it to wonderful people within days. The staging suggestions were spot on. The price point they recommended was beyond what we had expected, but it was based on local market expertise and it was exactly right. Everyone was hugely professional, including their associate Lindsey. And we also have new friends to visit when we return to Sedona for occasional vacations.
01/01/2018 - mcbrushwood1950

In the fall of 2017 we flew into Sedona, AZ to hike and purchase a home. Before arriving we did a thorough review of all realtors in Sedona and chose four to interview before embarking on our search for a home. Ed Pennington and Jeanette Sauer were by far our top choice. They are an extremely professional and knowledgeable team that knows the Sedona market incredibly well. Before meeting with Ed and Jeanette we were a bit concerned about their available time as they are the leading Realestate team in the area. In reality, it felt like we were their only clients - they were available 24/7 and always anxious to make sure we found the right home. It was also great that Ed has a background as a developer/builder such that he could expertly comment on structural issues and possible renovations. When we did decide to make an offer, Ed and Jeanette worked with us closely in formulating the offer and working through the required negotiations. Finally, Ed and Jeanette were very helpful in moving our loan application through the process.
In summary, we cannot imagine having a better Realestate team to work with.
12/14/2017 - Ken McCarthy

Ed Pennington and Jeanette Sauer did a phenomenal job in listing and selling our home in Sedona. They are very professional, efficient and knowledgable. Our house closed two months after listing - in fact we had two full price offers within 2 weeks. Ed and Jeanette are the kind of people we wished we had known and met when we first purchased our home four years ago - it would have been wonderful to have them as friends. Knowing they are a sought after team and have a lot of clients, they still give you the feeling that you are the most important person they are dealing with. I highly recommend this team for all your housing needs, wether it is finding the right home, or selling your residence. Their assistant Lindsey fits right in - this team is an all around winner.
11/26/2017 - user95486320

We could not say enough about how wonderfully we were treated by these two. They were truly awesome helping us find a great house in a wonderful spot. They continually went above and beyond to make the home buying process go as smoothly as possible.
11/04/2017 - dave theroux

We cannot say enough positive statements about this powerful real estate sales team in Sedona. Our expectations were surpassed on all levels, and our experience was as close to perfection as it gets!
Complete professionals.
Extremely knowledgeable on the current market.
Competent and reliable.
Exceptional skills with both seller and buyer.
Ed and Jeanette are the top sales team for a reason--they are the BEST!
Lolly and Glenn Slattery, 09/17/2017 - sunsandandstars

Ed and Jeanette are the BEST realtors in Sedona! My experience from start to finish was incredibly easy, efficient and pleasurable. I walked into the process with specific desires and Ed and Jeanette both tirelessly met me with patience and an invaluable knowledge of the Sedona market. They took care of EVERYTHING and reminded me of every appointment and walked me through the entire purchasing process to ensure I was taken care of. They are a dynamic team and each provide very valuable assets to assist the buyer in making the best possible decision. It's really apparent that they deeply love what they do and extend that to their clients. I am so incredibly grateful for their guidance and expertise
08/07/2017 - Kendra Mark

They not only are experts in the market and industry, but they are amazing people. They helped us and made us feel so comfortable. We were very lucky to have met them and would not hesitate to use their services again and recommend that our family and friends do as well.
07/28/2017 - akabat

Worked extremely diligently on two properties that had problematic issues (one for being a very high end property and the other having a funky location) for several years, finally shepherding the sales to the finish line. Ed and Jeanette were all that we could ask for in a brokerage team.
07/27/2017 - jimr5

Hope this finds each of you with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. I could not have asked for better individuals to work with in the sale of Arroyo Seco. Each of you were special in your own way and brought your own unique talents to the table. In this journey of life many individuals cross our paths. Some make lasting impressions others do not. Ed, Jeanette and Lindsey will always remain in my mind and heart with lasting memories. I am so thankful I had Ed, Jeannette and Lindsey to take care of our Sedona property.  Greatly appreciated, I assure you.
07/19/17 – Irvin A

Ed and Jeanette are all the above and more 5 star+. As a former Realtor in CA I must say these two Realtors are the most professional agents I have EVER worked with. Whatever the cost you are buying/selling a 300K property or Million dollar+ the level of excellent service is the same. These two agents are well versed in all areas of Real Estate communication, negotiation, familiarity of the area while making the real estate experience smooth, easy and fun. We would ONLY buy or sell a property with these two amazing Realtors. Also, kudos to their assistant Lindsey for all her help, excellent follow-up and knowledge with the process. Thank you, Ed and Jeanette, for your outstanding assistance with our purchase. Look forward to many future transactions with both of you.
7/18/2017 - iamvictoria

Ed & Jeanette are more than professionals, they go way above and beyond to help in any way they can. They made the entire process of selling our home as stress free as they possibly could, we could not be more grateful. You couldn't have a better team working for you, whether you are buying or selling a home.
06/06/2017 - love2bug22

Ed and Jeanette are an amazing team! Highly professional, hardworking, ethical and they truly care about their clients. I have used them on numerous properties and I am never disappointed. I have had mediocre service with other agents and would say with 100% confidence that they are the best in town. If you want agents who will work hard and actively market your property not just list it, then I suggest you contact them!
04/18/2017 - tahnegreen

Ed and Jeanette represented the seller of a spec home under construction that we purchased way before completion, making several changes. We were out-of-town and couldn't be there daily. Ed WAS there, and acted as intermediary between the seller and us. He answered our emails and phone calls immediately. He told us what was going on and acted as our advisor. If it wasn't for him, the deal would never have gone through because the builder worked for the seller. We can't say enough about him, and he and Jeanette have now become good friends!
03/03/2017 - JHendlerSF

Simply put, if you are going to buy a home in Sedona, Arizona then you SHOULD call Ed Pennington. If you want a "used car salesman" for a realtor, DO NOT contact Ed Pennington. If you want a realtor to just open lock boxes and run you through a bunch of listed properties in hopes that you will see something that you can live with, DO NOT call Ed Pennington. If you want a realtor who needs making a sale and doesn't really care that much if a property is the right property for you, DO NOT call Ed Pennington. BUT, if you want a consummate professional to work for and with you, then DO CALL ED PENNINGTON when you need realty help in the Sedona area. We read lots of reviews of Sedona area realtors prior to looking for a second home in Sedona in mid-2016 and everything we read about Ed resonated with us. On paper, he actually sounded too good to be true. He turned out to be everything that you could hope for and more. Though he regularly sells high end homes, our more modest budget didn't change his approach to handling us as clients – he didn't judge our budget but simply worked within our price range. His background as a builder/developer allows him to see a home from the construction side rather than just the cosmetic side and many potential homes we looked at with him were rejected because he felt that they were not "good" homes. He can spot problems, particularly those that don't have easy or any fixes. He knows quality tradespeople to help remedy problems that every home, new or old, has. What you will never get with Ed is pressure. He listens, he works tirelessly, and if your expectations are realistic he will deliver. We bought our house Sight Unseen (only saw online photos) – we had such a high level of trust in Ed that when he called to say that he had found the perfect home for us we submitted a contract offer based on his recommendation. When we saw the house for the first time at closing it exceeded our expectations and we have never regretted putting our blind faith in Ed. His partner Jeanette consistently provided quick and thorough administrative assistance and document preparation that facilitated a problem-free sales transaction. Generally, buying a home is a nerve racking experience. It should be fun, exciting, and even romantic, but there is no way to avoid anxiety creeping into the process. Call ED so that you can dwell on the positive aspects and he will make the negative aspects go away.
03/18/2017 - JBwithCB35

True professionalism and care for your needs. We were given helpful information in listing the home and in selling it. We relisted with them because of their diligence and knowledge in the current market. Ed is very reliable and we trusted him. Jeanette came on board and wowed us with her enthusiasm. We continue a valued friendship with these fine people.
02/19/2017 - user64225732

Looking for a real estate team that offers all the skill, experience, technical savvy, and hands-on tenacity that it takes to sell a special property in Sedona? Look no further. Ed Pennington and partner Jeanette Sauer from Russ Lyon/Sotheby's are your dream team! They started with an honest assessment of the extensive grounds (5.5 acres) as they got mud on their boots traversing every corner. Ed (along with my contractor and a subcontractor with a backhoe) plowed out a new path down to the perfect spot on Oak Creek, a stretch with a gently sloping bank, and a secluded, 7-foot-deep swimming hole. How do we know it was 7 feet deep? Ed had his 6-foot tall brother walk out into the middle of it and raise his arms above his head! Both Ed and Jeanette "got" the value of the house and grounds. Their passion for the property's unique beauty and location (at the foot of Cathedral Rock) was contagious (and caught by the buyers the first week the property was on the market). Although the place was all but sold with the first listing Jeanette posted on
Facebook, she and Ed promised me they'd find back-up buyers just in case. Jeanette was out at the house at 6am with her own furniture to stage the house and patios for the photographer. The resulting video (set to Kenny G-esque music) would make anyone fall in love with the property. Exquisite! Two other areas where this dream team excelled:
(1) I mentioned tenacity? Navigating the rules and regulations, forms and documentation, and seemingly endless requirements to sell property in Sedona takes a team that's not only knowledgeable, but also that follows the most efficient sequence and bird-dogs every step in the process from the buyers' first offer to the title company's final sign-off. Jeanette did all of that like a real pro plus keeping me informed at every juncture. And (2) both Jeanette and Ed honored my request that the buyers had to be people who appreciated the special beauty of the place and felt the love that I'd invested in preparing the property for them. Here again, they exceeded my expectations. The wonderful new owners are getting married in the house! I couldn't ask for more love than that! In short, Ed and Jeanette listen to your goals (price, and less tangible requests) and they know what it takes to sell in Sedona. They are fun to work with and really care about making you (and the buyers) happy! They aren't happy until you're happy. Let's just say I'm smiling as I write this.
01/05/2017 - lynellb

Jeanette and Ed were easily accessible and highly responsive to our requests. They are both a joy to work with. Their knowledge of the Sedona market is a huge asset; we knew we were working with expert realtors!
05/04/2016 - KarenMueller0

Ed and his team displayed patience in a tough market and never gave up on us. We appreciate Ed's expertise and would recommend him to others needing a broker in the Northern Arizona market.
01/18/2016 - climb515

Ed, found us a place in one day and made the process so easy for us. In addition, he went above and beyond realtor duties to help us with other items. We work with a lot of realtors and Ed and his staff are a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Linda and Steve
01/17/2016 - lsnash

I have sold several homes, some with great difficulty and some with ease and Ed Pennington and Jeanette Sauer exceeded every expectation. seller! I wanted the BEST agents in Northern Arizona and I got the #1 Team! Thank you both for handling this home with such care and professionalism...We appreciate everything you both did for us! Wayne
12/14/2015 - Wayne S.

"I am so thankful I have Ed, Jeannette and Lindsey to take care of the Sedona property. Greatly appreciated I assure you. Just do what you need to do to get it closed and let me know, as Lindsey did today, of action I need to take."
— Irvin Ashley"

Ed and Jeanette spent many hours with us over several trips to visit potential houses and surrounding areas. They knew the locales and were able to provide information to help us make an informed decision. Attention, follow through, and after-purchase assistance were excellent. We will certainly recommend them to others we know.
—K Barclay (published Zillow 5/5 Star Review)

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are to have met Jeanette Sauer. From our first conversation to the close of our Flagstaff townhouse, the entire process was easier than deciding what to make for dinner…and I'm not exaggerating. We found Jeanette through a referral (Thank you, Todd!), and when I looked at her listings I wasn't sure she would be interested in listing our little place. Boy was I wrong! She didn't skimp on anything, from the professional photographer, marketing materials, and most importantly her excellent service--it was all top notch. She was getting calls on our place before it was officially on the market because of her dedication to us. I could go on and on about the quality of service Jeanette provided, but why don't you just find out for yourself! I promise she will not disappoint! — Lalia9 Zillow 9/4/16

Ed found us a place in one day and made the process so easy for us. In addition he went above and beyond realtor duties to help us with other items. We work with a lot of realtors and Ed and his staff are a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.
—Linda and Steve

You both make it very easy to want to work hard for you and your clients as a builder, because you’re the kind of people guys like myself pray for, but seldom have the chance to have a relationship with. I couldn’t be more blessed than I am being able to work alongside and for both of you. In the world of real estate, you’re one of a kind, and I cherish our relationship! I love how we communicate, and work together.
—Jim Lawler, Lawler Construction Sedona & Cottonwood

Ed and Jeanette, you have been so great as well, this was really hard to make the decision to sell.  You never lost your cool with us and we appreciate the help in closing this difficult decade of our life.  We are so grateful you were both so incredibly professional when our inspection on our home wasn’t perfect and you didn’t lose the buyers!  Thank you so much.
—Todd Schultz

I grew up in a real estate investment and management family. I can attest that Ed Pennington has unique qualities that place him far above rest in the field of real estate. He is knowledgeable about construction and market value and he is expert in communication and negotiation. He gets it! He guided us to our dream home 7 years ago which we continue to deeply value and care for with a sense of pride and joy. Ed's background in construction gives him added value for selecting quality built homes. His business background qualifies him to assess current value and investment potential. His knowledge of the market in Sedona and the surrounding community is unparalleled. You can rely on his judgment, integrity and sincerity as we did when he helped us fine our dream home seven years ago.
—Rob and Pat from Chicago, IL

Working with Ed isn't much like "work"- it's far more like good conversation on a long hike."
—Robb Tyler, Broker, Argos, LLC

Ed knows, he cares, and he's committed. His guidance and dedication to provide expert service is unparalleled in the field of home investment. He found our dream home seven years ago and it has been a source of pride and joy for us ever since. When Ed says, "It's gonna happen" "IT''S GONNA HAPPEN!
Pat Berry

We have known and worked with Ed Pennington for over 30 years in a variety of professional and social settings. He is a person of the utmost honesty and integrity; his word is his bond. Ed is very conscientious in his work, always going the extra mile, and seeking to do what is best for all concerned. Over the years, Ed has become a friend as well as a partner in business ventures. You won’t find a better, harder working or more ethical person than Ed Pennington. Thanks, Ed!
Richard & Judy from Tucson, AZ

Ed Pennington was our buying agent for two property purchases in Sedona - he understood what we were looking for, and identified the challenges. He has tremendous patience and never pressured us. Ed is a very honest, skillful and knowledgeable negotiator and made the process as low stress and enjoyable as possible. He is an excellent communicator for both sides. There were no surprises or disappointments. We got exactly what we were looking for and now have a fabulous mid-century modern historic house on a fantastic Sedona lot.  Our buying experiences were as pleasant as we could hope for.
Steve Eilenberg, MD and Marie Tartar Eilenberg, MD

I can't thank you enough Ed for everything you did for me during the house buying process. It was quite an experience and you always looked out for my best interest. You had my back through bad Sellers dishonest banks. When I finally found the right house, you saw everything through. The bottom line is that you are honest and loyal to your clients and you absolutely earned my respect and trust. You are the best at what you do.
—Robert A. Lane, Ravishing Robert Productions, Crimson Lane Experiences, RRP Films - Los Angeles, CA

Ed is a top notch professional and a consummate gentleman - he went way beyond the call of duty to be helpful when I was his client, and I'm now proud to call him my friend.
—Jason from Japan

Mere words are simply inadequate to express the breadth (excellence across the board) and depth (perfect attention to even the smallest detail) of my profound respect and admiration and continuing gratitude for the professional set of real estate, building, construction and remodeling skills--and the complete trustworthiness of personal qualities as well-- that Ed Pennington brought to what I consider a major project in my life! I want to state up front that it would be my personal privilege and pleasure to provide, to any individual interested in Ed's services, a phone or personal interview in which I could elaborate in detail on and answer any specific questions about the richness of my experience with him.

I was fortunate enough to have been brought into contact with Ed by a clinical psychologist with whom I have entrusted, for well over a decade now, guidance on every conceivable dimension of my life. When this adviser learned of my interest in making a retirement move from Chicago to Sedona, the adviser said he knew a realtor "with whom I could trust my life"! His amazing statement of confidence  came directly from the personal experience of my adviser and his wife, over many years, in entrusting with Ed their  own dream of purchasing a plot of land and a house in the Red Rocks of Sedona to accommodate an eventual retirement  move from the Chicago area to Sedona.  Accordingly, I knew that I could put myself in Ed's hands without any reservation or anxiety whatsoever.

I had never in my life been to Sedona.  And I had only a couple of days to do my on-location research.  Ed arranged all details of my 36-hour visit to Sedona.  He was meticulous in addressing every detail of my life as I tried to envision it in Sedona.  I produced for Ed an extensive list of desiderata which I assumed no one individual could address! Ed happily proved me wrong!  Before we reached the middle of my 36-hour first taste of Sedona, Ed had already taken me to a property that met my impossibly rigorous set of requirements!  I knew within my first few hours with Ed that he had miraculously identified a home that made my heart sing.  More than that--he had already envisioned a list of remodeling objectives that would result in a property that would far exceed the specifications I had started with.  I was so completely impressed with Ed in every way that I was able to get immediately on the airplane back to Chicago-- with instructions to Ed to make an offer on the house, with the understanding that if he was successful in getting me the best possible value for my money, he and I would proceed right away to his remodeling list.

The long and the short of it is that I was able to entrust to Ed's expert judgment every detail of the purchase, and the complete remodeling of the home, without ever returning to Sedona until my actual move-in date!  Ed was able to intuit precisely what I would love--as well as to intuit dimensions that I had not yet imagined, but for which I remain so grateful every single day as I enter my second year as happy homeowner.

I look forward to the opportunity to expand in great detail on this necessarily brief testimonial for any individual interested in learning more from me about this superb professional and this extraordinary human being so steeped in integrity and honesty and dedication to exceeding all client expectations.
—Deborah from Chicago, IL

We enjoy working with you and your professionalism. Your clients are always a pleasure to deal with and you make their buying & selling experience a pleasurable one. Everyone is always well informed in your transactions and that is the key to closing them.
—Patricia Nelsen, Senior Escrow Officer, Yavapai Title Agency

I am amazed at the breath & depth of Ed Pennington's sphere of influence in the Sedona real estate market. I just recently sold a property listed by the Ed Pennington and the service and care I was given was over and above what you would normally image that you would receive. Without hesitation I recommend Ed to work with Sellers & Buyers whenever I get the chance.
— 4/21/2014 - Rheaphilo. Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $350K in Sedona, AZ.

Dealing with Ed as my agent could not have been better. His knowledge and expertise about the Sedona area is just great. It was a pleasure working with him and his team throughout the entire process of listing and selling my home. Five star rating for sure. Would definitely recommend Ed Pennington.
—06/05/2014 - Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $975K in Sedona, AZ.

Ed Pennington has been my realtor for 12 years. I have bought two homes and sold another with his guidance. He and his team are the best! One major advantage of buying with Ed, is his background in residential construction.
— 05/07/2014 - cohen eric1 Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $1.175M in Sedona, AZ.

Our experience with Ed Pennington was one of the best experiences we've had in the years that my wife and I have bought and sold real estate. Ed has a keen insight into his market which makes the entire process go smoothly. A prime example of how smoothly this process was is that it was only a matter of two months from the time we walked into his house to engage him to represent us until escrow closed on the sale of our house.

Ed and his team were incredibly supportive and helpful to us in all aspects of the sale of our house. My wife and I recommend Ed Pennington wholeheartedly.
— 10/25/2013 - zane9, Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $650K in Sedona, AZ.

I am an architectural designer who has been honored to be on HGTV many years. Selling homes is a way of life for me. For two decades my firm has been beautifully cared for by the most respected and successful realtors in the Paradise Valley, Az. vicinity. When we came up to Sedona to do a major design project we were in the unusual position of having to look for a new real estate group to sell our finished product. Several people including National Bank of Arizona recommended Ed and now I know why they did.

He is a gentleman and an experienced business man in his own right. He is respected and trusted by other luxury realtors here in the Sedona area which as anyone who deals in this field knows, means a great deal. 

Ed has lived in Sedona for many years and knows the area intimately. His staff is enormously supportive and likeable. Unusual attention to the needs of the seller and the buyer compliment his business acumen and create a seamless professional atmosphere. I truly appreciate the time invested in selling our real estate and the care that is taken to see that it is done impeccably. I highly recommend him to everyone.
— 3/18/2014 - Sold a Single Family home in 2014 in Sedona, AZ.

As an owner of a real estate company whose customers are clients of Ed's, I can tell you that Ed's clients close on their transactions and are happy to have had Ed as their Realtor - whether they were the buyer or the seller. Ed brings a diverse and successful career to the relationships he has with his clientele. Ed is as communicative and on top of his transactions as any agent in Northern Arizona and his team of professionals provide exemplary service. Ed knows his market and how to close the deal - equating to happy clientele transaction after transaction.
— 4/30/2015 - scott1711, Sold a Single Family home in 2014 in Sedona, AZ.

Ed Pennington represented us in the recent sale of our home in Sedona. We originally chose Ed to represent us because of friends and business associates who highly recommended him to us. We now fully understand why these people held him in such high regard.

During the entire time of our listing and throughout the escrow process, Ed and his professional team, demonstrated excellent knowledge, expertise, professionalism and courtesy in every situation. Our home was a unique property that required an agent who could explain the complexities of our property and instill confidence in the buyer. With Ed's knowledge of residential construction, along with his in-depth knowledge of luxury real estate transactions, he managed the sale of our home with great expertise. 

My husband and I have been involved in the real estate business for over 340 years. Ed Pennington rates at the top of our list for his professionalism and expertise. We highly recommend Ed, along with his team, to anyone who is seeking a top-level agent to represent them in the Sedona area.
— 09/10/2013 - user609235, Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $1.15M in Sedona, AZ.

Ed Pennington is a top notch real estate professional. He and his team are very knowledgeable and on point about market conditions, pricing, marketing your home, and, for buyers, finding the perfect Sedona home for you. He truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond expectations. Highly recommend Ed and his team for an A+ Sedona home buying or selling experience! (
— 08/13/2015 - Linda L. Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $500K in Sedona, AZ.

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